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Lilama 10 Joint Stock Company: Complete schedule - Nghi Son Petrochemical Project

26/10/2015 04:14

Currently in Nghi Son Petrochemical Project (Thanh Hoa Province), LILAMA10 Joint Stock Company with the manpower mobilized more than 1,000 employees, facilities covering 65 vehicle construction, crane types and have undergone ramp gloves on progress as commitment.

 After about 12 months of construction in the project, the contractor has fulfilled LILAMA10 schedule items has participated and is the Owner (NSRP), the main contractor (JGSC) appreciated. Volume of some items has been completed as follows:
  1. SMP7 Package: Volume of steel structures were installed 5850/5865 tonnes reaches 99.7%. Volume manufacturing, installing pipes reached 265,000 / 311.000ID reached 85.2%.
  1. SMP2 Package: Volume of steel structures were installed 985/1700 tonnes reaches 57.9%. Equipment installation volume reached 59.3% 950/1600 tonnes. Volume manufacturing, installing pipe reaches 64,000/99,000 reaches 64.6% ID.
  1. Tanks Package: The contractor has installed 02 crude oil tanks with a tank size: diameter of 89m, height 20m, 96.000m3 capacity. Installed volume 3.7000/4254 tonnes reaches 86.9%. Currently 151-TK-005 tank is pumping water pressure test, 151-TK-002 tank is urgently complete mechanical parts expected to be completed before March 01 2016.
  1. The package 1C: Installation of CCR Heater 700/2,270 tonnes reaches 30.8%.
  1. Paint Pack Zone 1: The volume of construction reached 32,000 / 79,000 m2 reaches 40.5%


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